Lefties Have Rights!

by Merley Greenidge

 According to Holiday Insights,  today August 12th is Middle Child Day and tomorrow August 13th is my favorite International Left Hander's Day.  You guessed it. Aside from the occasional annoyance of right-handed scissors, I love being a south paw after all we are the only ones in our right mind --(we use the right side of our brain).  We earned the right to our own day in 1976. Let me share a few facts and trivia about lefties:

* Sinistrophobia  is the fear of left-handedness or things on the left side

*Very few people are 100% left-handed

*It is believed that all polar bears are left-handed

For more interesting information about lefties  visit www.holidayinsights.com

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Other August Holidays

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August 16th    National Tell A Joke Day

August 17th    National Thrift Shop Day

August 19th   National Aviation Day